DVP Services


image We at DVP Services have many years experience in installing and relocating customer legacy phone systems. For new offices or relocations we offer full turnkey solutions including all necessary tie cables, all necessary cable distribution frames and patching systems, all necessary power points for phone systems or active equipment within patching racks, and all voice cabling.

Voice cabling in today’s modern offices is integrated with data cabling.

We at DVP Services have many years of experience in Data Installations.

Each workstation receives 2 or 3 data outlets, depending on customer requirements. Each of these outlets can have any type of service patched to it, Including but not limited to;

Services Patched to Outlets:
  • Fax
  • Data
  • Printer
  • Analogue Telephone
  • Digital Telephone
  • IP Telephone
  • Music On Hold
  • PSTN Lines

All outlets are placed in easily accessible locations and clearly labeled. All patch panels are clearly labeled. All outlets are tested and certified as required.

DVP services is also able to arrange 1800, 1300 and 13 phone numbers, low cost long distance and local call rates, all PSTN, ISDN or broadband services, PC based VOIP phone systems and much more.