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When is a telephone not a telephone?

image When is a telephone not a telephone? Voice over Internet Protocol is a means digitising voice signals, converting them to data packets and transmitting them over a data network. When data, voice and video are transmitted on the same data network, this is known as convergence.

No doubt you have heard about VOIP. Many vendors make outrageous claims of free or cheap phone calls via the internet. But be warned, you get what you pay for.

We at DVP services prefer to think of VoIP not as a means of making cheap phone calls, but rather a way to communicate more efficiently between offices, provide telecommuting, provide levels of call restrictions unheard of in legacy PABXs, provide fully integrated voicemail and unified messaging, call accounting, call recording, computer telephony integration and much more. As an added bonus you can even get cheap phone calls. Perhaps the most appealing features of VOIP and Convergence are the ones we have not yet developed.

DVP Services can also provide off site data back up and retrieval, virtual private networks, business grade broadband and much more.